Designing Services

Designing Services

An improper website design can lower the number of visits to your website and an unappealing design or complicated navigation can cost you a number of potential clients. Having said that, design is not just about look and feel, but also about how it compliments its overall concept and usability. A lot of companies often focus on all the wrong aspects. The vendors they handpick for the job stick to just following instructions rather than making recommendations and suggestions on what would be most required for your brand. NECESYDAD blends its experience with our client’s requirement to deliver what is most apt and effective.

Design comprises a number of creative services. These include the design of a website, an application, a user-interface, a background, posters, magazines, advertisements, banners, and more. NECESYDAD excels at each of these due to the combined experience of the team across various fields and of course creative skills. NECESYDAD’s design services are explained below

Web Related Designings

Website design: A decade ago, websites were known to be information hubs with nothing that even remotely spelt design. These were bland pages with developers just playing a bit with fonts and animated gifs to give the impression that something was ‘happening’. That phase has long eclipsed and the look and feel of a website now ranges from flash animation to innovative drop-downs, icons and interactive banners. NECESYDAD’s team is experienced at implementing designs that are in line with web 2.0 requisites, visually appealing, optimized for fast loading and based on an analysis of where the average user is most likely to look for what.

Logo design: You must have received a number of forwards containing logo stories of the biggies. Why do you think that is something that e-mail worthy? Why would someone compile the logos and the stories behind them and circulate it? This is self-explanatory. A logo is the most important aspect of your branding concept. The style of your logo expresses the nature of your business. The icons associated with it go a long way in establishing your brand image in the mind of the viewer. Logos can be of 2 types – Typographic (textual) and Iconic (text plus an icon that denotes your brand). NECESYDAD is not blatant and we will not claim that we know exactly what logo will suit your need. It is not as simple as a template like solution. Creating a logo involves understanding your brand, hours of brainstorming and giving it a unique look.


Other Designs

Rich User Interface design: Rich User Interface design (or UI design) includes design of the look of any internet or desktop application, prototypes, specification designs for business analysts. Tried and trusted by professionals in the user experience sphere, product managers and business analysts, NECESYDAD’s Rich UI design services are armed to give your application a UI that is most likely to make a mark in the minds of your users.

Advertising, Promotional and Branding material design: Advertisements, banners, standees, posters, backgrounds, fliers and mailers are all promotional material. They involve what you are trying to promote and putting them within the confines of a poster, or flier (or mailer for that matter) in a neat structure and design.

Communication material design: Newsletters, letterheads, visiting cards, official press releases, etc., are properties of communication. These not only have to match your brand strategy in terms of look and feel, they have to look good too.

Marketing collateral design: Apart from arming marketing collaterals with relevant information, making them ‘sexy’ (good looking) go a long way toward building an impression in the mind of a potential client. Example: The look of your media or sales kit.